Arulmigu Gneelivaneswarar Temple -History


This temple is located in Thirupangeeli (also spelled as Thirupanjali), Manachanallur Taluk, Tiruchirappalli District, Tamilnadu. It is located near Manachanallur 20 kms from Tiruchi Chatiram bus stop. In spite of city busses, mini buses are available from Manachanallur.

Melai Chidambaram:-

There is Rathina Sabha in this temple also like Chidambaram. One time, Viyakirapatha munivar and Pathanjali Munivar went to Kailasam to see Shiva’s dance, that time shiva told, go to Chidambaram, there I will give my Nataraja Darshan. As per shiva’s words, they went to Chidambaram, Shiva gave his darshan to them on the day of thaipoosam. By hearing this incident, Vasista Munivar asked Shiva, “When I will see this Darshan in Chidambaram?” Shiva told him, “I will give Nataraja Dharshan to you in Gneelivanamagiya Thirupangneeli”. As per that, Shiva gave Nataraja Dharshan to Vasista Munivar in Rathina Sabha of this temple. So this temple is also called as Melai Chidambaram.

ThenKailaSam (South Kailash):-

Vayu Bhaghvan and Adiseshan had a dispute to find out who is superior, to prove the superiority adiseshan encircled the Kailasam, Vayu tried to remove this encircle by creating santamarutham (Twister). Because of the santamarutham, 8 kodumudigal (parts) fell from kailasam into 8 different places which are Thirugonamalai, Thirukalahasti, Thiruchiramalai, Thiruenkoimalai, Rajathagiri, Neerthagiri, Ratnagiri, and Suwethagiri. In this Suwethagiri is called as Thirupangeeli. Because this place came from Kailasam, it is called as Thenkailasam in Tamil.


God Shiva in this temple is called as Gneelivaneswarar. Shiva is in the form Suyambu linga (suyambu means it came from earth, it’s not made by anyone). There are many names for Shiva in this temple like Kathali Vasanthar, Gneelivaneswarar, Paramasambu, Aaraniya Vallaver, Eluthariya Peruman. But the famous and well known name is Gneelivaneswarar. There are many who have worshipped in this temple. Mahavishnu, Indiran, Kamadhenu, Adiseshan, Vayu Bhaghvan, Agni Bhaghwan, Rama piran, Arujunan, Vasista, Sudhamamunivar, Sapta Rishis, Musukunda Chola, Kaliyugarama Pandiyan, Viyakirasuran, Sivamithiran, Padumakarpan, Sutharman, Ankamithiran are worshipped in this temple.


It is not fully constructed. It is constructed by Sundara Panidyan. It is 30 ft gopuram. Dancing statue on both sides looks beautiful. The information about all donated properties to this temple and how much they donated to maintain this temple are given in 2 kalvettukal (epigraphs) in north and south side of this gopuram.

Soothamamunivar Devasamadhi :-

Soothamamunivar did tapas in this temple for many years and he attained Sivakathi (Moksha, Mukthi). This samadhi is in southside, on the way from Rajaokpuram to Second Gopuram.

Sorudiya Eswarar Sannidhi:-

Appar (Shiva Disciple) visited many Shiva temples and he was coming towards to Thirupangeeli, it was summer season, he felt so much thirsty and hungry, he suffered so much, Shiva came to know about this, so he took a form of andhanar (Brahmin Guy) and came to Appar, asked, “where are you going? “. Appar replied, “I am going to see Thirupangeeli Gneelivaneswarar”. Then andhanar told to Appar, “I am also a devotee of that god and doing poojas there” and I am having kattamudhu (Rice like tamarind rice, lemon rice, pongal), please eat this and I will take you to Thirupangeeli temple. Appar ate that and they both reached the temple. As soon as they reached the temple, andhanar disappeared, and Shiva took his original form and gave darshan with Parvathi in Rishaba Vakana to Appar. So Shiva is called Sorudiya Eswarar (In Tamil soru means annam). As a remembrance of this incident, till now every year Chithirai Month (Tamil month, in English it will come in the month of May), this festival will be celebrated.

Kasi Viswanathar Sannidhi :-

This Sannidhi is situated without roof in north side from four pillar hall of this temple. It is constructed by Thuraiyur Jamindar.

Sorudiya Eswarar Sannidhi:-

To give boon to Markendaya to live forever, Shiva killed Yamadharman in Thirukadaiyur. Since yama died, people started living without death, world became over populated, there was no poojas in temple, all caste people forgot their duties, Bhoomadevi (Bhoodevi) codn’t bear the weight, entire world started suffering. But, Poojas were happening in only Thirupangeeli temple and no issues here. So Mahavishnu, Bramha, Bhoomadevi, and Shiva disciples all came to this temple and worshipped & requested Shiva to give Birth to yama. As per their prayer, Shiva gave rebirth to yama through pilathuvaram on the day of Thaipoosam. Shiva gave power to yama again, so he also called Adikaravallavar. (In Tamil, athikaram means power.